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How to Make a Zine

Duration: 15+ mins   Skill Level: Beginner   Materials: Paper, Pen, etc.

Keywords: Punk, Handmade, Self-Publishing

1 / Brainstorm

Reflect on topics that inspire, motivate, or otherwise interest you. Zines are the perfect medium to express anything that's on your mind.

2 / Refer to Template

There are many, many forms zines can take, the one in this tutorial refers to a 2x4 grid defined by the folds of the pages. Once you've landed on your content, get to filling in the squares.

3 / Cut & Fold

Fold in half horizontally, and then again. Unfold and fold twice, the opposite way. Fold your sheet of paper in back to horizontal, and make a slit, your previous creases will guide you on how far to cut. 

4 / Distribute 

One powerful aspect of zines are their ability to be shared. Print as many copies as you'd like and distribute them across your community.

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