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How to Make Your Clothes Feel Good

Duration: 1+ hour   Skill Level: Intermediate    Materials: Clothes, Iron-On Transfer Paper

Keywords: Confidence, Upcycling, Garment + Attire

1 / Acquire Clothing

This can mean sourcing from your local thrift shop, go through your closet to upcycle old favorites, the important thing is to prioritize garments that fit you.

2 / Decide Method

There are plenty of methods to customize clothing, embroidery, hand drawing on them with fabric markers, the list goes on. For this project, I'll be using Iron-On transfer sheets.

3 / Get Creative

Easier said than done I know, but try considering influences that bring you confidence. For instance, I feel confident in my illustration work, so that's what I'll be using to decorate my clothing with.

4 / Follow Instructions

If your chosen method came with instructions, please use them! They'll know better than I when it comes to that specific process.

5 / Decorate

Use the instructed methods to adorn your clothing with your chosen pieces. For me this looked like printing out some illustrations that on transfer paper and scattering them across my garments. *Consider the placement, are there any areas you want to draw attention to/take attention away from? Whatever looks best to you, they're your clothes!*

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