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How to Take Back Your Screen Time

Duration: 15+ mins.   Skill Level: Beginner    Materials: Smart Phone, Social Media

Keywords: Design, Social Media, Information Sharing 

1 / Take out your phone

Social media can often serve as a distraction but this project requires flipping that perspective. Instagram's story feature surprisingly offers and can serve as a design resource.

2 / Generate Ideas

Reflect on topics that inspire, motivate, or otherwise interest you. Use this platform to highlight these topics. 

3 / Layer, Scribble, Type

The Instagram Story function allows for collaging images, access to nine fonts, pen/brush features, and formatting guidelines. *bonus points for implementing transparent .png textures!*

4 / Save Often

Warning! This is NOT a non-destructive tool, meaning, there's no undoing your changes. While it is convenient to use, the app may crash so it is important to save as you work!

5 / Post!

The best part about using social media as a design tool, your work will be formatted for phone screens as well as sharing is a built in function, so there's no need to worry about the hassle of exporting!

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